Month: February 2024

What to Do for Elbow Pain When Bending and Straightening

Feb 29, 2024749 Views

Tennis elbow is the pain when bending and straightening your arm. It is like a little reminder from your body that something is wrong with your elbow joint. It can sometimes make simple tasks like lifting, gripping, or even just moving your arm downright painful. Considerable Causes of Tennis Elbow The tendon connects muscles to […]

How Long Does Radial Tunnel Syndrome Last

Feb 15, 2024536 Views

Radial tunnel syndrome happens when there's pressure or irritation on the radial nerve as it travels through your forearm. This can trigger symptoms like pain, weakness, or numbness in your forearm or hand. It can be caused by repetitive motions, injury, or too much pressure on your forearm for too long.

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