Month: April 2024

Why Does The Outside Of My Wrist Hurt?

Apr 30, 20241030 Views

Your wrist is your partner in performing daily tasks. It is crucial for many hand movements, such as lifting, exercising, and cooking. Pain on the side where your pinkie finger is can happen often, but figuring out why can be tricky. This can make you question, “Why does the outside of my wrist hurt?” The […]

Why Is My Thumb Twitching?

Apr 15, 20242806 Views

A twitch occurs when your muscle moves independently without you telling it to. It can happen in your fingers and thumbs. Sometimes, it’s caused by things like medicine side effects, being really tired, doing too much, or having too much caffeine. So, if you wonder,” Why is my thumb twitching?” Lots of things can make […]

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