Why Is My Wrist Bone Sticking Out?

Jun 30, 2024194 Views

Wonder why is your wrist bone sticking out? It’s a carpal boss. Like your work boss, it can be annoying. However, it’s usually harmless and doesn’t need treatment. Most people can live with it if it doesn’t cause symptoms. Why Does My Wrist Bone Stick Out and Hurt? Conditions like osteoarthritis can damage the cartilage […]

Identifying the Gamekeeper’s Thumb Signs and Symptoms

Jun 15, 2024230 Views

Campbell first used the term Gamekeeper’s thumb in 1955 because it often affected Scottish gamekeepers. It especially impacted those who took care of rabbits as a work injury. Knowing the gamekeeper’s thumb signs and symptoms is important as it’s a common sports injury. What Is Gamekeeper’s Thumb? It is a sports injury, also known as […]

Is Orthobiologics For Pain Management A Good Option?

May 30, 2024727 Views

Our bodies naturally heal themselves from injuries. However, this ability decreases as we age. Therefore, the medical industry keeps coming up with new solutions, such as Orthobiologics for pain management. Many orthopedic surgeries and even non-surgical procedures require extensive healing time. It can be hard to manage pain. Therefore, Orthobiologics, also called regenerative medicine, involves […]

How Long Does A Broken Finger Take To Heal Post-Treatment?

May 15, 20241839 Views

Your fingers have bones called phalanges, and each finger, except the thumb, has three of them. The thumb has two. A common injury like a fracture can happen in any of these finger bones or the knuckles, which are the joints where the finger bones meet. A major concern is “How long does a broken […]

Why Does The Outside Of My Wrist Hurt?

Apr 30, 20241029 Views

Your wrist is your partner in performing daily tasks. It is crucial for many hand movements, such as lifting, exercising, and cooking. Pain on the side where your pinkie finger is can happen often, but figuring out why can be tricky. This can make you question, “Why does the outside of my wrist hurt?” The […]

Why Is My Thumb Twitching?

Apr 15, 20242804 Views

A twitch occurs when your muscle moves independently without you telling it to. It can happen in your fingers and thumbs. Sometimes, it’s caused by things like medicine side effects, being really tired, doing too much, or having too much caffeine. So, if you wonder,” Why is my thumb twitching?” Lots of things can make […]

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