How Long Does Radial Tunnel Syndrome Last

Feb 15, 2024267 Views

Radial tunnel syndrome happens when there's pressure or irritation on the radial nerve as it travels through your forearm. This can trigger symptoms like pain, weakness, or numbness in your forearm or hand. It can be caused by repetitive motions, injury, or too much pressure on your forearm for too long.

How To Treat An Elbow Sprain?

Jan 30, 2024604 Views

An elbow sprain happens when the ligaments around your elbow get stretched or torn. This usually occurs due to some awkward twist or sudden impact. So, it's like a mini protest from your elbow. This can make your elbow swollen and tender till it fully heals.

How Long Does A Forearm Fracture Take To Heal?

Jan 15, 2024777 Views

A forearm fracture means you’ve got a break in one or both of the bones in your forearm – the radius and ulna. These bones are like a dynamic duo, working together to help you do everything from high-fiving your friend to carrying groceries. A fracture in your forearm can occur due to a fall, […]

How To Sleep After Elbow Surgery

Dec 30, 2023447 Views

Getting a peaceful sleep after an elbow can be challenging. We are used to doing everything with the help of our elbow, and why not? It’s the largest joint of our body. Sleeping without touching your fresh wound or putting pressure on it can be hard but not impossible. You can greatly benefit from the […]

Exercises After Elbow Fracture For Speedy Recovery

Dec 15, 2023124 Views

Although our elbow is the biggest joint in our body, we never feel its importance until it stops functioning. As soon as it experiences an injury, we realize small tasks like closing a door, carrying a handbag, and even eating become a sport. Thankfully, a stiff and non-functioning elbow can be recovered with exercises. Broken […]

5 Major Reasons Why You Experience Wrist Pain When Benching

Nov 30, 202378 Views

If you like to head to the gym every other day or simply enjoy lifting weights in your free time, you might be used to experiencing wrist pain every now and then. But despite the ache, maybe you gravitate more toward benching. The bench press is a fundamental exercise for building upper body strength, but […]

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