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Do you think you may be dealing with a broken bone? Accidents, injuries, and health conditions can result in a fractured bone, and you will need medical attention right away. Randy Luo, MD, MBA, brings you quality treatments for your broken bone. Our orthopedic surgeon will thoroughly and carefully examine your fracture, making sure you receive our undivided attention. Contact our specialist, Dr. Randy Y. Luo, for effective fracture care in Houston, TX!

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    What is Fracture Care?

    When you crack or break a bone in your body, it results in a medical condition called a fracture. Generally, high-force impact and stress are the reasons behind a fracture. However, in some cases, medical conditions weaken the bones and cause a fracture. Our friendly team is well aware of the reasons behind a broken bone, and they can address any queries you have. We care about your well-being and aim to bring you promising solutions.

    Any part of your body can fall victim to a fracture. We have the tools to properly cater to your needs with our fracture care services in Houston, TX. Our doctor will conduct an X-ray and proceed with adequate treatment. Fracture care involves both surgical and non-surgical treatments; we will suggest the one that is suitable for your condition. Whether you have a fracture in your collarbone or your foot, we can help heal the affected area. Our procedures are designed for small to severe fractures, and we use the latest methods in our treatments.

    Times You Need to Visit Us for a Broken Bone

    You should seek urgent care when you suspect a fracture. We can inspect the affected area and make a diagnosis. Though you should seek our help regardless of the symptoms, here are some instances in which you should not neglect fracture care at any cost:

    • When you can see visible skin damage or your bone is sticking out, that leaves you no other choice than to visit us.
    • You might be experiencing pain and discomfort, but keep an eye out for other symptoms, too: bruising, swelling, weakness, immobility, etc. Visit a doctor if you notice these!
    • If your pain level is moderate to severe after any accident, seek medical care to confirm if it is due to fracture or soft tissue damage.
    • You should not even ignore mild pain after an accident! Dr. Randy Y. Luo and his skilled team will figure out the most suitable solution.

    Discover Your Ortho Options

    Types of Fractures We Treat at Randy Luo, MD, MBA

    Yes, there are different ways your bones can break! Lucky for you, we have the tools to tackle broken bones in any shape or form. Our orthopedist has experience in managing physical traumas, and they will treat them using the ideal techniques. Here are some types of fractures that we treat at our clinic:

    1. Non-Displaced Fracture: When you have a fissure in your bone, but the crack remains well aligned, it is called a non-displaced fracture. Since the crack does not shift, angle, or rotate, our experts can treat it in a way that the bones heal naturally.
    2. Hairline Fracture: Sometimes, the fracture is a non-displaced minor crack within the bone. Known as a hairline fracture, it usually forms as a result of constant stress from exercise or overuse.
    3. Greenstick Fracture: It is possible that your bone cracked but did not break all the way through, resembling a green wood. Usually, greenstick fractures affect children because they have growing bones, which are more flexible than adult bones.
    4. Open or Compound Fracture: There is a severe kind of fracture in which the broken bone pierces through the skin: open or compound fracture. Our orthopedist will take immediate action to manage your condition. We take preventive measures to ensure your fractured bone does not develop an infection!

    Explore Promising Fracture Care in Houston, TX

    Dr. Luo is a highly qualified and experienced orthopedist. He works alongside a dedicated team to make sure your fracture care is not compromised. We manage all types of fractures, no matter the location — collarbone, shoulder, arm, elbow, fingers, thigh, wrist, knee, leg, ankle, foot, and more. It is our aim to deliver incomparable services so you do not have to bear pain and discomfort any longer than necessary. With our fracture care, you have the option of surgical and non-surgical treatment in Houston, TX. Explore our services and expect exceptional results!

    • Non-Surgical Treatment
      When you opt for our orthopedist, he will make you and your needs his priority. We will discuss your condition and work with you to draft a treatment plan for you. After we have diagnosed the fracture, you can rely on us for promising solutions. Visit us for early fracture management, which allows us to prevent you from ischemic injury. Plus, we can control bleeding before your condition worsens. Once that is done, we will proceed with one of the following fracture treatments:
      1. Casting
        We are equipped with solutions for fractures, big or small. Our orthopedist will use splints and casts for displaced, shortened, and angulated fractures. The cast and splint we use are composed of fiberglass or Plaster of Paris, which immobilizes the limb for proper healing.
      2. Traction
        When casting is not suitable for a fracture, we proceed with traction instead, which can be performed in two ways: skin traction or skeletal traction.
        In skin traction, we attach traction tapes to the skin of the limb just below the fracture. When it comes to skeletal traction, our specialist will insert a pin through the bone and attach it to ropes. Then, we apply weights and place the patient in a traction apparatus. Our orthopedist generally recommends this method for fractures of long bones!
    • Surgical Treatments
      We also offer surgical treatments to treat the fracture and allow the bone to heal in the right manner. Dr. Luo and his team have extensive expertise in caring for fractures. Our treatments are designed to your benefit so you have a quick and safe recovery. We offer the following surgical treatments for a fractured bone:
      1. Open Reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF)
        We incorporate advanced methods to stabilize and heal a bone that is broken. Our Open Reduction and Internal Fixation surgery involves the use of plates, screws, or an intramedullary (IM) rod, which helps stabilize the fractured bone.
        Our orthopedist recommends ORIF surgery in case of a severe fraction in order to realign the bone in the open procedure. First, we will reposition the bones to their normal alignment in ‘fracture reduction’. Then, our specialist will perform ‘internal fixation’, using metal implants to hold the bones in place. We make sure you are eligible for open surgery before treating your fracture.
      2. External Fixation
        Another way we treat severe fractures is by performing External Fixation. We will insert an external fixation device into the fractured bones, and it exits the skin, where it is attached to a stabilizing structure we will place outside your body. They show significant results in cases where a cast would be ineffective in terms of the alignment of the broken bones.
        Since the rods are screwed above and below the fracture, it allows proper maintenance of bone length and alignment without the need for casting. We might perform external fixation for pelvic fractures, limb-lengthening procedures, fractures with bone deficits, infected fractures, and more. Our fracture care is designed to help the residents of Houston, TX!


    It can take several weeks and even months for the fracture to heal completely. Our orthopedic team will instruct you on the aftercare. We want you to have a functioning body and the utmost comfort once again, which is why we suggest a rehabilitation plan. With effective exercises and gradually increasing activity levels, you will notice stronger muscles. In addition, your range of motion will significantly improve as well.

    Tips for Speeding Up the Recovery

    Your fracture will take its own time to heal, which depends on various factors. You can bring up your queries to our friendly team, and they will help you understand how your body works. The affected site undergoes three overlapping stages in order to heal: inflammation, bone production, and bone remodeling. In short, the blood clot will form at the fracture site, followed by a soft callus. Next, your bone will form and restore to its former shape, taking weeks or even months, while the soft callus turns into a hard callus.

    Our orthopedist will inform you about the healing process. By following our advice, you can make sure your recovery is not delayed. Apart from the fracture care procedures and natural healing process, our Houston specialists might give you the following tips to speed up the recovery:

    1. Follow Our Instructions Related to Activity: The instructions for recovery vary according to the type of fracture and treatment. Our knowledgeable specialists suggest early activity in some cases. On the other hand, some fractures should be immobilized, and we will ask you to avoid bearing weight. We will give you detailed instructions in regard to proper healing after your fracture care.
    2. Nutrition: While your body is healing naturally, you can boost the process by giving it what it needs — Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, Protein, and Vitamins (C, D, and K). Our qualified doctor knows the value of nutrition and how it can aid healing. What you consume has a great effect on your overall health, and you can surely maximize the benefits by tailoring your diet!
    3. Avoid Smoking: It goes without saying that smoking is bad for your health. Our orthopedist has a command over promising fracture care, and they will advise you against smoking. Just one restriction can make a remarkable difference in your fracture healing. When you smoke, it inhibits the fine capillary blood flow, which is something your healing depends on. So, in simple terms, Stop Smoking.
    4. Do Not Take High-Dose NSAIDs: We will suggest the medications and aftercare that we think are the most suitable for you. In some cases, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory medicines interfere with the initial phase of fracture healing. Consult us before taking any medicine on your own!
    5. Physical Therapy: Exercises are an excellent way to work on strengthening the muscles surrounding the broken bone. Physical therapy is pretty effective in many instances, as it makes the entire area stronger. Moreover, putting a slight weight can facilitate fracture healing, and physical therapy includes such exercises. We are well aware of the benefits of physical therapy, and we recommend it when necessary.

    Top Choice for Trusted Orthopedic Care in Houston

    You can find many professionals offering fracture care in Houston, TX, but our experienced orthopedist is the only doctor you will need. At Randy Luo, MD, MBA, we put you and your well-being at the top of our list. You will have an exceptional patient experience when you trust our experts.

    The quality procedures we perform involve cutting-edge technology, making sure you receive effective treatments. You can rely on us to restore the health, shape, alignment, and length of your broken bone. We are equipped with the tools to deal with your fractures from head to toe. Our goal is to deliver promising results with the help of the latest technology, effective procedures, and unparalleled skills.

    Another thing about our service is that we are honest with you. Our compassionate team will make you feel heard and understood, and you can count on us to do what’s best for you. We will prepare a treatment plan for you, tailored according to your comfort, convenience, and needs.

    Our experienced team has years of expertise in performing orthopedic procedures. We know the ideal solutions for your specific case, and we will take the necessary steps for an effective treatment. Fractures are pretty delicate to work with, but we cater to broken bones with precision, be it a minor crack or a severe fracture. Trust us and say goodbye to fractured bones!

    Call Us Now for Fracture Care in Houston, TX!

    Randy Luo, MD, MBA, has a team of experts who offer remarkable treatments. Our fracture care in Houston, TX, is what you need to restore your broken bone. We use state-of-the-art technology and advanced techniques in our procedures. With us, you can look forward to stronger muscles and healed bones soon! Dial (713) 794-3307 to schedule an appointment with us today.

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